Expedition Discovery Kei
Coming from a multicultural, African-European family, I grew up in South Africa, the UK, Switzerland and France. Having done most of my schooling France, I am fluent in French, English and Italian.
I have been drawn to the wild and adventure since childhood. During my university studies in the UK, this lead me to focus on outdoor and expedition activities both water and land based.
After my military service as a Grenadier with the Swiss Special Forces, I have been involved in teaching, African wildlife conservation, maritime security, as well as training and working in a variety of sectors, including close protection and expedition leading.
I have always been drawn to Africa and its magnificent nature. I operated in counter-poaching in South Africa and Mozambique and helped local communities with medical services and education about the importance of protecting wildlife; especially endangered species such as rhinos and elephants.
I am pleased to be part of the Expedition Discovery client support team and firmly believe that with my high levels of discipline, my broad professional skill set as well as my fluency in multiple languages I can contribute to making your journey of discovery a safe, secure and valuable experience.I hold a hostile environment close protection certification (South Africa), close protection licenses from the UK (SIA) and France (CNAPS), a BS in sport science and outdoor/expedition activities from Bangor University (UK), the QA Level 3 certificate in First Response emergency care, a certificate in anti-poaching and tracking with TacTrac combat trackers (South Africa) and a certificate in advanced security driving for both armoured and off-road vehicles (France).
In addition to my work with Expedition Discovery, I work internationally as an expedition leader and as a security specialist in close protection, maritime security and counter-poaching.

My favourite African proverb:
“Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it.”


Executive Protection Assistant & Expedition Leader