Expedition Discovery Kei


Expedition Discovery for one person.

This is a journey of self-discovery which aims to help people break out of negative routines and environments, to give them the opportunity take a step back and to view their situation and state of mind from a different angle. Throughout the journey, thanks to plenty of new experiences and impressions, new perspectives in life will become apparent. This expedition is thought for people affected by physical and mental exhaustion, constant stress, anxiety, cynicism, lack of motivation, sleeping disorders, Short-tempers and for people on the verge of depression or burnout.

Our program will provide you with essential strategies that will allow you to cope with life’s difficulties and uncertainties in a more flexible and adapted way.
Expedition Discovery is a journey of peace and reflection, adventure, enjoyment and rest. Discovering this continent of beauty, hope, pain and abundant joy can do wonders to renewing yourself. By refreshing your sense of belonging in the world, you widen the web of relationships that nourishes you and helps you understand what is important and valuable for maintaining a healthy balance in life.

Expedition Discovery is for small groups

This journey is for a small group of friends, family or work colleagues who want to go on a journey of discovery together. This is a tailored group journey of self-discovery in a group setting. You will not only discover new places, but also new perspectives. Friendships which may have been strained will be forged again and bonds strengthened. We ensure every detail is considered to give you a broad perspective of the African continent beaming with so much to discover. Our executive protection agent will accompany the group, ensure your safety and security and handle all the logistics, while letting you enjoy the wonders of Africa at your pace.