Expedition Discovery Kei


Expedition Recovery is a follow-up program for anyone who has been through a clinical rehabilitation program.

This journey of discovery is for anyone who wants to leave a clinical rehabilitation environment but is not quite ready to return to the old environment with possible toxic temptations.

Leaving treatment or a treatment facility can be a challenging and scary time for any recovering addict or anyone being treated for a mental health issue. This goal-oriented journey is centered on making you more prepared to “face the world” by giving you new perspectives in life. Explore new environments and find yourself fulfilled away from toxic environments.

An aftercare program dedicated and designed specifically for your recovery process from one of the following addictions or mental health issues:
Alcoholism, drug and/or nicotine addiction, sex addiction, gambling addiction, depression, trauma, burnout and other mental health issues.

We are an aftercare journey

It is a very common misconception that one’s recovery ends with treatment. Once a patient leaves treatment with its secure and restrictive regime, it is all too easy to fall back into old, negative patterns and behaviors. Expedition Recovery can be the bridge between treatment and the return to your familiar environment. On your journey through Africa, you will discover a new world which will enable you to gain new perspectives in life and help you break once and for all with negative habits.

Expedition aftercare team

Depending on your personal rehabilitation history, our Expedition Recovery team can be complemented by yoga instructors, meditation practitioners, Eastern spiritualists, masseurs, personal trainers, life coaches and/or nutritionists. Local, international or therapists of your choice can also be added to the team. The team will be on hand and do their utmost to assist and support you in your goal “recovery”.

We have developed and can reply on a network of highly qualified therapists, doctors, psychiatrists, counsellors and treatment support professionals in East and Southern Africa. They can be part of the journey or be called in for intervention in critical situations.

To protect your privacy, we enforce strict confidentiality with all team members and involved third parties.

Intervention counselors

In our strive to aid your recovery, we are happy to collaborate with rehabilitation facilities and therapists around the world. You can put us in contact with the rehabilitation facility of your choice and we will liaise with their therapists and coaches in order for them to follow your progress and for them to be on hand for any support that will benefit your recovery during the journey. We can organise periodical phone calls to facilitate continuous support.

Family support

Family support is very important for any successful recovery programme. We can arrange for your family and loved ones to fly out to visit you during your journey or accompany you on parts of the journey.

Customised to fit your needs

Before admitting your as our client, our local psychologist shall conduct an assessment to ensure Expedition Recovery is the right choice for you and provides you with the necessary opportunities for success. We aim to provide the right environment that will stimulate you to find new ways to improve the quality of your life, your relationships, your career and your emotional and physical well-being.