Expedition Discovery Kei

Is Africa safe?

More often than not, the world media portray Africa as a dangerous and hostile continent. While there are admittedly many conflict zones in Africa, one has to take into consideration the sheer size of the continent. The regions in East and Southern Africa that Expedition Discovery offers for the journeys are far away from hot spots regularly featured in the news.

Africa is so vast and its countries and people so different from one another. All locations within the countries we visit are peaceful and pleasant. Should we wish to venture out into regions that may be considered off the tourist tracks, we will first conduct a risk assessment and use local intelligence and knowledge to make sure we do not put anyone on the journey in danger.

Expedition Discovery is developed and operated by a security risk management company. Its management has many years of experience in living, working and travelling in Africa. On any of our journeys, you will have an executive protection agent by our side at all times in addition to a discreet group of specialists who will facilitate smooth transition from one location to another and make sure you have a hassle-free, rewarding and pleasant journey.

Would I have time to acclimatize

The starting point for all journeys is Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. There will be time to acclimatize before heading out on the journey. A presentation will give you the opportunity to learn more about each location we intend to visit. You will also get to meet your team.

Do I need a visa?

Nationals from most countries will need a visa to enter Kenya and any other countries on the journey. Well ahead of the start of the journey, we will look into your particular situation and facilitate the visa process.

For most countries, a passport or even bio-metric passport is required. Generally, it has to be valid at least six months past your intended return date. We recommend a validity of at least nine months past intended return date to prevent any problems.

There must be at least three blank visa pages in the passport (not including endorsement pages).

What is the length of the journey?

Every journey is tailored to every client’s individual needs and wishes. However, we recommend a minimum of three weeks.

Can I visit many different countries in the region?

Yes you can. We will be happy to show you as many places as time and pace allow; thereby enhancing your unique journey.

Can I break it up into stages?

Yes, we are happy to take you on your journey(s) of recovery in more than one stage. However, we do recommend an initial journey of at least three weeks.

Would I be treated like a patient?

When you come to us on a recovery journey, you are no longer a patient, but a client and you shall be treated as such.

The executive protective agent will be around and on hand for your safety and comfort, to give you the opportunity to heal. He will know when to be there when you need him/her and when to pull away to afford you your privacy.

How is my privacy ensured?

The client’s identity is only revealed on a need-to-know basis and only to staff of Expeditions Discovery. Our responsibility and philosophy are to completely respect and protect your private and personal history. You will be provided with a secure environment and guaranteed complete confidentiality during your journey.

What are the costs?

Each journey is put together and planned individually, based on your needs, wishes and on the time available. Therefore, costs will evidently depend on many different factors.

Ahead of the journey, our costs will comprise the planning, necessary reconnaissance and meetings with third-party providers ahead of the trip as any down payments for third-party reservations.

During the journey, our direct costs will be the manpower of the accompanying team, made up of an executive protection assistant and other persons deemed necessary. In addition, there will be the third-party costs for transportation, food, accommodation, treatments, etc. that will be invoiced on at actual costs (see below our no-mark-up policy).

Do we add mark-ups on your journey?

We are not a luxury tour operator, but a unique service provider. As such, we do not add any commission or mark-up on third-party services; for instance, on accommodation, transportation, etc. We will actively seek out special offers and negotiate the best possible rates from all our services and logistics providers.