Expedition Discovery Kei

About Us

Expedition Discovery is an unparalleled approach, merging elements of clinical expertise, holistic healing components, specialised therapies, life experiences and a touch of adventure and luxury to give people a chance to find themselves on this journey of discovery or to give the best chance of recovery from an addiction or mental health issue after completing a clinical treatment.

An Expedition Discovery journey will likely ignite the spark that you may need to change directions in life. Along your journey, you will experience compassion, love, empathy and understanding, from the people you will meet and be inspired to give back.

The journey is yours but get to know the team that will be taking you on it. We are privileged to be part of your journey.


Our team of counselors are specialists in their areas of expertise and are handpicked to provide you with the best clinical aftercare services. The aftercare team works under the highest standards of clinical care guided by International Ethical codes of conduct.

In our different capacities, we are involved daily in the healing and transformation of the lives of our clients. We delight in supporting each of our clients who allow us to participate in their journey of recovery and healing.

Our pristine synergies are uniquely tailored around the client needs in achieving the best quality of care for our clients. You are assured of the best care while on your expedition tour of Africa.

Client Support Team

The members of our client support team are chosen not only for their professional approach, their dedication and qualities, but also for their knowledge and experience in travelling and working in Africa.

You will find that their empathy and understanding of your personal situation, makes them ideal partners on your journey. Team members are used to work for private clients and strictly abide by our rules on confidentiality and privacy.

Your assigned executive protection agent will be by your side to make sure your journey will be secure, safe, comfortable and conducive to your recovery.

Depending on your needs and wishes, a mobile or static therapy team can accompany the journey. We have a vast network of personal trainers, masseurs, acupuncturists, yoga instructors and reflexologists on hand, offering are a range of holistic treatments and therapies to complement your journey of discovery.

Whether you are sleeping in a tent under the stars on safari or in a carefully chosen exclusive location, our team is there to make sure all your expectations and requirements are fulfilled.