Expedition Discovery Kei

Coming from a professional background in the luxury hotel industry, I have always loved everything connected to travelling, exotic food, foreign languages, new countries, their people, cultures and customs. Having travelled several times to West and East Africa, the fascination with the African vastness, its beauty and its culture is ongoing.Having worked for several high-net-worth families as their personal assistant, I am experienced in planning trips and organising and coordinating the logistics that go with it.

Expedition Discovery will open up a new world to you; will let you discover things about this planet, about different people and their ways of thinking and living and last but not least you will gain new insights about your own life; the choices you have and what you can make of them.

My favourite African proverb:
If you wish to move mountains tomorrow, you must start by lifting stones today.


Kathrin Otigbah
Journey planning & logistics