Expedition Discovery Kei

The Sixth Sense

During your journey, we aim to help you cultivate your perception of life. Being modern-day humans, we have all but lost the use of one of our most fundamental senses. This opens us up to self-destructive patterns and invites destructive forces into our life.

In Africa, where all our senses will be awakened, we will learn to not only rely on the predominant senses to interpret the world around us, but consciously work on prioritizing our sixth sense in conjunction with the other senses.

Your sixth sense, also called intuition, defined as “into the soul” is a natural gift we are all born with. It is an inner guide that has protected us from the beginning of time. Modern-day life, where all imaginable information is available at the touch of a screen, encourages to make “well-informed”, conscious, reasonable and justified decisions. This leads us – especially in urban and Western culture – to forget about or distance ourselves from our sixth sense and our connection to nature and all things natural.

On this journey to Africa, the birth place of mankind, you will be encouraged to interact with the environment, meeting indigenous people and learning from them first-hand how intuition still plays an important part in their lives. This will hopefully enable you to perceive more of the subtle details that make up our environment; details you were previously unaware of.

Wherever possible, we work with local communities who have not been overly affected by modern influences. For instance, we use the services of local guides and trackers who have retained the use of their sixth sense and who can teach us about intuition.


Moving from head to heart, you will awaken your soul. – Annonymous