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Wellness is a general term to describe activities and treatments to maintain and further one’s well-being and health and prevent illness. Ideally, a balance of physical and mental activities are performed to increase the quality of life. On Expedition Discovery, you will be able to choose from different wellness activities and treatments always performed by experts in their respective fields.

Yoga Therapy
Yoga, whether as a form of regular exercise, meditation routine or as support in therapy, has time and again been proven to be very beneficial to body and mind.

On your journey, you will be able to practice yoga with professional instructors and discover its gentle powers and its ability to improve self-awareness, discipline of the body, breathing techniques and inner peace.

Meditation Therapy
Meditation comes in different shapes and forms. On your journey, you will be encouraged to discover mediation as a means of gaining better control over mind and body; emotions and nerves. It will give you the opportunity to reflect on yourself and your life. Regular practice will enhance your self-awareness, let you discover your inner force and improve your self-esteem.

Studies on the effects of meditation have also shown its ability to enhance the immune system, decrease blood pressure, relieve pain, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, improve sleep quality, help in stress management etc.

Massage Therapy
Although massages may be perceived as a foremost physical treatment, it is proven to have deeply positive effects on the mind. This is achieved through the relaxing and passive experience on the one hand and through the stimulation of the body’s central nervous system on the other hand.
During your journey you will have access to different types of massage therapies; according to your preferences and needs.


Fitness Therapy
In this day and age, hardly anyone will contest the benefits of regular exercise. Newspapers and magazines are full of articles and programmes encouraging us to move more and sit less. Apart from the physical benefits, exercising positively affects the psyche. It frees our mind and stimulates our brain in all the right places.

Another important factor of fitness routine is that is fills our free time with positive activity. Time that may have been spent of negative or even destructive things and activities can now be used to improve our physical and mental health.

“However long the night, the dawn will break.”
– African proverb